My work is fueled by a need to foster communication in a time of emotional uncertainty. As a painter I use the medium of oil and gouache to talk about shared social and political realities. This work is at times a blending of imagery: towers into people, roses into founding fathers. At other times the work is a pure expression of a situation. Within these two modes of working, I try to come to terms with not only an inner anxiety but also a need to understand America’s emotional understanding. As a survivor of September 11th I ask questions of myself and the world in the age of leisure and terrorism. As an artist whose cultural heritage stems from India and Austria, I use the mode of storytelling of the Indian miniature painter juxtaposed with inspirations of neo – expressionism. In a world where we are so often asked to take a side to know all of the answers I hope in my work to challenge the viewer by not didactically presenting one way, but by addressing my fears to express a human condition.